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that big government is necessary. you've got an obama e-mail during the hurricane hey, you've got a phone, get obama's back. al gore's blaming global warning and bill clinton says electing romney is worse than hurricane sandy. what's wrong with your party? >> well, you built a case, i'll say that, mr. prosecutor. i will also say that, in fact, mitt romney during the campaign said that, you know, he would cut funding for fema, homeland security, the people that have come to the aid of those in new york, new jersey, those that have been hard hit. >> no. he said he would give it back to the states, juan. wait a minute. excuse me. there's a proposal here, if you look at the details of pages 94 , 96, the white house's see sequestration proposal includes cuts for fema for $900 million if you want to get into tit for tat here. >> i'm saying not only did he said he would accepted it back to the states, he said ideally it would be up to private enterprise. >> wait a minute. in his own sequestration, $900 million in cuts for fema. let's not get into this. i think both guys are doing what they're su
them going quite well without the government. >> we are happy -- please planned planned parenthood continue what you do. >> it is very cheap. >> from chanting to recan'ting, is being on-line a liar like being on fire? a twitter user who goes by comfortably, smug tweeted false info by -- during hurricane sandy. they said that the power was shutting down in the entire sti. sti -- city, the subways would be down all week. and now they asked the manhattan d.a.'s office look into filing charges. they compared it to yelling fire at a crowded movie theater. i never heard of that? he says he hopes the pursuit of charges would mache him feel less -- would make him feel less comfortable. he was outed as the campaign manager, and he apologized for his, quote, series of irresponsible and inaccurate tweets. gavin, should tweeting false information be illegal, and should he be punished with prison time or death? >> i get all of my news from twitter. if twitter is wrong, i should go to jail. i don't need to be looking up things. twitter is the boss. if twitter is wrong, then you oh me money, expr
>>> the forecasters and government leaders told us this would be a monster storm, and throughout the night and throughout the early morning hours sandy has been living up to those expectations. i am heather childers. >> welcome to a brand-new hour of hour special storm coverage. this system is currently classified as a post tropical storm, but don't let that fool you. forecasters say you -- say you shouldn'tly letting your guard down. twisters are likely to follow restoring power to 500 million r weeks. the storm is expected to touch 50 million people before it is over. our meteorologist is standing by with the latest. >> you mentioned that post tropical storm thing. we talked about this a few hours ago. there was a big messaging mess up with this storm. this storm went through a bit of a transition. the national hurricane center forecasted it would go through a transition from a hurricane which is a warm core storm. it is a storm that feeds off warm ocean water to a normal midlatitude storm. the storm that comes off of the coast, and because of that they decided that they were
't believe in obama care and government handouts. i want somebody who is a giver and not a taker. >> have i to read one quote. there is -- i have to read one quote. there was a liberal, a doctor and he is saying he won't date a republican. he said he writes erotic nonfiction. what is erotic nonfiction? he is a pervert. erotic fiction is when you make it up. erotic nonfiction means you write about stuff you are doing. he is just a dirty little man. >> it is called "happy endings." >> he is naked on the cover. >> bill, people want to date someone they have something in common with which is why you are often alone. >> i am often alone by choice. i am with the table on this one. the reason these people are pigeon holed and lonely. out of all of the things in life, politics has got to be like the 5% or 10%. there is just so much more to talk about and so much more to do. not to mention if you are dating in your 20s your politics is different in your 30s and 40s. god forbid you spend the rest of your life you dated only because of your politics in your 20s. it is ridiculous. >> it is perfect for
are your own boss. you are the boss of yourself. and the government has no claim to you. it is a radical, individualist thing. it is a slap in the face. this is a different way of looking in the world. it is not about saying you hate all of your fellow men. >> i am guessing the books make you feel better about yourself after you have got a violent felon acquitted. >> i don't know what i would do without that atlas shrug. >> i think you describe it pretty well. people who don't either accept or have any background or education take a narrow view of the philosophies. i think the president's description in the article indicates that whether he doesn't understand it or he was trying to spin it to make another dig at mitt romney and paul ryan, i can't say. but it certainly was easy to transition for him. i don't think you can say those things. for me when i was growing up, it was about accountability. it was about consequences, good and bad. you create them for yourself. >> enough. tom? >> trying to catch it with my left happened. if you replace, tom, irand, it is an adolescent fantasy. >> th
in the 40s. fdr governed with grandfather's friend. nobody knows that. rick, an unknown rascal. no. it's like a beatles record not a herman hermit's record. obama is going to win. i think piling nate silver and all these people. it seems like he is right. >> greg: do you think it's close or not even close? >> i think it's close but not as close as lot of pundits are letting on. dick morris says it's going to be landslide for homicidal. i don't know what planet dick morris is living on. i just choose the opposite. i know he is friend of yours. >> greg: we go wai back, we lived in a camper for six years, it didn't work out. bernie, do you agree? >> now that governor christie has stuck his share in mitt romney it's going to be an obama landslide. i just wonder this nate silver came out of no one. not only is dork but degenerate gambler and probably not. i'm sure he does. [ laughter ] >> thank you for helping us. >> that was better. >> according to you, he is. >> taught me how to say things. >> does he x, not that he doesn't. >> and i've been doing this show for five years. >> great versio
the navy and we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. govern, we have fewer horses and baonettes because the nature of our military changed. we have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them. we have the ships that go underwater and nuclear sub marines. >> it is so silly. and we have these things called aircraft carriers. he is really slow. we know what aircraft carriers are. who can for dwet this on the -- who can forget this on the expense of mitt? >> i am glad you recognize al-qaeda is a threat. when asked a few months ago, you said russia. not al-qaeda. you said russia. in the 1980s or now, calling to ask for their foreign policy back. >> that was my favorite. soccers those jokes never -- oh, those jokes never get old. they agree on afghanistan, syria and drones, but it was thought without combative moments like this fiesty exchange. i certainly hope they can be friends after that. miles, welcome back to the program. it has been awhile. i hope you have been well. >> have i been, actually. >> you have been well? >> yes, literally. >> literally well. >> i am happy
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)